Friction Winch

To launch marine vessel with consistent force and speed.

  • Double working hydraulic pumps for fail proof operation.
  • Safety self locking device during power failure.
  • Wire rope locking and mechanical locking devices during parking or idling position
  • Hydraulic oil cooling system to ensure 24 hours operation.


Friction Winch in Operation

Wire Rope Collecting Winch.

To store long length of wire that work in tandem with Friction Winch

  • Store 1500m of 50mm diameter wire rope with automatic spooling feature.
  • Continuous tensioning until the maximum of 3 tons, at first layer until the final layer.
  • Hydraulic driven with constant horsepower, counterbalance and hydraulic brake feature.


Hydraulic Power Unit to Drive Winches

Hydraulic Power Unit to Drive the Winches.