Hydraulic Filtration Systems


Hydraulic Filtration Systems

The Tejari Hydraulic Filtration System providers convenient potable mode of off-lint filtration, flushing and fluid transfer. Use It with your in-plant machineries and hydraulic equipment to achieve and maintain proper ISO cleanliness levels. The pressure filters can provide fine particle removal, the powerful one horsepower motor won’t bog down and when coupled with a 6, 8, 13 gal/min pump it provides efficient fluid transfer and filtration. Convenience features include a bottom mounted motor for better balance.

The Tejari filtration system Is designed with performance, convenience and safety In mind, Its value added feature make it the best choice to protect your machinery and equipment from breakdown, caused by contamination.

Tejari Hydraulic Filtration System ls a combination of Portable Liquid Pump and Filter System designed to pump. transfer. and filter liquids from tanks. oil drums.

or other reservoirs.  Essential equipment for any industrial facility where liquids are present, they are ideal for multiple-site batch filtering, recycling of expensive process fluids, or clean-up of accidental spills. Portable Liquid Pump and Filter System are designed for use with high-performance Filter. The design  has quipped the features below:

  • Clear Hydraulic equipment. In-plant machineries and Hoses allow observation of flow or Pre- and Post-Filtered Liquids.
  • Pressure Gauge allows monitoring or differential pressure. Indicating when media change-out is required
  • Rugged and durable frame
  • High efficacy media grades
  • Low running costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact size
  • Technical Assistance
  • Downtime ls cut
  • Offline filtration
  • Flushing after repair and rebuilds
  • flushing during equipment commissioning
  • Transferring fluid

Optional filtering operation
This filtration system was designed with two type of flow-pass. It purposed to enlighten the time of filtering process. It can be classified as follows:

Valve 1 Valve 2 Valve 3
Paralle Open Close Open
Serie Close Open Close

It ensured that non-stop process gives convenience by choosing parallel type if one of the filters damaged. The operation is based on the given table,  please refer on legend. Or follows the instruction neither “open” nor “close”.

  • For parallel, Valve 1 & 3 must be open and Valve 2 remains close
  • For series, Open valve 2 only and keep valve 1 & 3 closed

There are 3 type of flowrates available as follows:
a) 201/m

Motor 0.75kW, 4 poles (1500vpm), Single phase
Pump V10 series (6 gallon)
Filter RF 014
Pressure, p 15 bar (max)
Size of filter cart 700mm[W] X 800mm[L] X 950mm[H]

b) 601/m

Motor 1.5kW, 2 poles (2800vpm), Single phase
Pump V20 series (8 gallon)
Filter RF 030
Pressure, p 10 bar (max)
Size of filter cart 750mm[W] X 800mm[L] X 950mm[H]

c) 1001/m

Motor 1.5kW, 2 poles (2800vpm), Single phase
Pump V20 series (13 gallon)
Filter RF 045
Pressure, p 10 bar (max)
Size of filter cart 850mm[W] X 900mm[L] X 950mm[H]

The cleanliness level in lubricating and hydraulic systems Is determined by the most sensitive component. Numerous manufacturers or components for lubrication, industrial and mobile hydraulics specify the optimum cleanliness requirements for their warranty claims. this information Is Important in order to reject claims for damages. lf the component manufactures do not have specific data concerning the required cleanliness level available. the following table can he used as reference:


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