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Passenger Boarding Bridge in Kota Kinabalu Airport

The PBB (Passenger Boarding Bridge) is used for loading and unloading of passenger onto the airplane. The main control of this PBB is the hydraulic system which is also the “Drive Unit” of the PBB. The hydraulic system is designed and installed by TEJARI.

Lifting cylinder block

The main concern of this drive-unit is the safety of passengers on board. For many years, the holding time of the hydraulic cylinder is not preferable. Where this problem is cause by the leaking of the counterbalance valve. The suppose holding time for the cylinder is 0.015mm/min. This problem was solved by TEJARI. The lifting system of the PBB designed by TEJARI now had almost a zero-leak condition, easy maintenance, space saving, manual override and even have 3 safety features which will hold the cylinder even the hydraulic hoses or tubing are disconnected.

Hydraulic system of the PBB.

This is the hydraulic system for the drive unit. The drive unit of the PBB is exposed to the environment and the spaces are limited for the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system designed by TEJARI is much more compact and space saving which is only 1.3 X 0.5 m. The piping connection is all isolated in the hydraulic tank that makes the system much more neat and tidy. A custom-made 9-station Cetop-5 manifold is designed and fabricated to suit this purpose.